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British Automation & Robotics Association

Building back better – how automation could help the recovery of the UK

This presentation discusses how robotics and automation could help address the challenges faced by industry and the reasons why now is the right time to be considering investments. Advice on the initial steps and where to source advice are also provided.

Mike Wilson
Chairman of BARA and Chief Automation Officer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)
Farnell proposition for industrial automation and control

Farnell is a leading distributor of electronic components, constantly improving its proposition to support the needs of Industrial Automation and Control customers.

With this in mind, Farnell will present an overview of its key suppliers and products that support this market along with value added services and on-line e-commerce and purchasing tools that are available.

You will also hear from some of our key supplier partners on how we are supporting customers in this market.

Simon Meadmore
Global Head IP&E
Matthew Thorpe
Regional Sales Director Northern Europe, Benelux & Baltics
Made Smarter

Cutting through the confusion: Taking your first step to digitalisation

Donna Edwards, Made Smarter Adoption Programme Director, North West, will share experiences and learnings from manufacturers who’ve been working with Made Smarter to adopt digital technologies. You’ll see the impact of technology on their businesses and gain practical tips on how you can begin your journey to realise growth, efficiencies and new market opportunities.

Donna Edwards
Managing Director Business Support and Business Finance, Growth Company
Time Sensitive Networking - What, why and who

Industrial trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things lead to an increase in network traffic in ever-growing converged networks. These networks require flexibility and scalability to support small devices as well as big data server systems while ensuring bounded latency for time-critical communication. The presentation will help explain how TSN covers all these requirements.

John Browett
General Manager
CC-Link Partner Association Europe
GAMBICA, the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK

How to achieve a sustainable smart factory

Smart manufacturing promises improved flexibility and productivity, but does it also enhance sustainability? This presentation will look at how digitalisation, data analysis and Industry 4.0 related technology can be used to increase the application of sustainable practices resulting in reduced consumption and a more sustainable operation. 

Nikesh Mistry
Sector Head of Industrial Automation, GAMBICA, the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK
Advanced Engineering - Simple steps for digitising engineering processes in hardware engineering - a case study

Stefan Siarov from Valispace will take the audience through key concepts of modern software development, and how these concepts can be transferred to hardware development. He will also outline some practical use cases and look at three simple steps to get you started in agile hardware development.

Stefan Siarov
Head of marketing

How deep learning is giving machine vision the power of AI

A look at latest technologies in Machine Vision utilising Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks that now give Machine Vision inspection systems enhanced abilities to detect more advanced details that were previously very challenging or impossible to see. Also some examples of where these solutions can be deployed and use case examples.

Neil Sandhu
Chairman, UK Industrial Vision Association
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